3 or 4 years ago, it would have been taboo to talk about your martech stack

chiefmartecTV Episode 3: Marketing Technology as a Strategic Asset

Marketing Technology as a Strategic Asset Report

Last week, the marketing strategy consultancy Lenati released their report Marketing Technology as a Strategic Asset, the result of a series of interviews we jointly conducted with 9 tech-savvy marketing executives from companies such as Adobe, Dun & Bradstreet, Hilton, Microsoft, and SAP.

Our anthropological goal was to learn how these different companies managed marketing technology, to uncover innovative approaches and overlapping best practices.

In a rare moment of synchronized editorial planning here at chiefmartec.com, Liam O’Connor, the principal at Lenati who led this project, joined me for Episode 3 of chiefmartecTV last Friday to discuss several of the more interesting revelations from those interviews.

You can watch the YouTube recording of the show here:

Sadly, this was our last show on Blab, as the service just shut down. But chiefmartecTV will carry on with a new platform starting in September.


  1. Blab could of avoided their shutdown by making their system more open.

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