Toughest decision to make about the MarTech conference

Which sessions will you choose at the MarTech conference in San Francisco this May?

Okay, sorry, that was kind of a link-baity headline. But seriously, with over 70 presentations by more than 100 speakers, packed into 2 days and 8 tracks — plus over 100 leading marketing technology vendors at the largest, independent exhibit — you’ll have to pick the subset that are most compelling to you, to augment or complement your expertise and worldview.

And as you can see from the preliminary agenda infographic below (more sessions to be announced soon!), choosing from this incredible collection of speakers and topics will be a hard problem. A good problem, but a hard one. If I’ve done my job, however, you can rest assured that you can’t make a bad decision — any path you choose will expand your mind and stir your imagination.

The easiest decision to make about the MarTech conference though: when to buy your ticket. The answer is this week, to save $400 before the rates go up after February 25.

MarTech San Francisco 2017 Agenda

Hope to see you in May!

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