An epic landscape of 2,427 European martech solutions

European Martech Landscape 2020

TL;DR If you think the world of martech software has shrunk, take a tour of Europe.

Everybody needs a hobby. Golf. Fishing. Home brewing. For some of us, it’s collecting logos of martech companies and carefully categorizing them into little boxes on slides, to the delight or dismay of marketers at conferences worldwide.

I say “us,” not in the editorial “we” sense, but as a legitimate plurality. There’s a bunch of us, following in the footsteps of Terence Kawaja of LUMAscape fame. I’ve had Anand Thaker as well as Jeff Eckman and the Blue Green team help me with our landscape, what Andy Raskin called tech’s “slide of the year”.

And then the movement went global. John Zupancic and the team at Wriber created a Canadian martech landscape. Henri Syvänen and the team at Avaus created the Finnish martech landscape. And the German one. And the Swedish one. Carlos Doughty of Martech Alliance created the UK martech landscape. And then Frans Riemersma of Martech Tribe produced ones for Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, France, and, well, New Zealand.

Now, Frans and a number of collaborators have pooled their efforts to produce the European Martech Supergraphic — click the link to download a hi-res PDF — charting 2,427 marketing technology solutions based out of Europe (including the UK, so no hard feelings about that whole Brexit thing). He claims that 1,345 of them are “new,” at least in the sense that they haven’t appeared on previous martech landscapes.

It’s the Martech Olympics!

As with all Olympic games, there are different winners for different categories. Frans analyzed the solutions on his new European martech landscape with just the US companies from our global 2019 marketing technology landscape, and compared the distribution of tools in each category between them:

European vs. US Martech Landscape

I find it interesting that, as Frans points out, Europe developed 78% more DAM and MRM tools — digital asset management and marketing resource management — than the US. In contrast, the US developed 252% more ABM tools than Europe. I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to concoct your favorite hypothesis for those two divergences and others in this chart. Market structure? Regulation? Culture? Espresso?

Frans and Carlos have also contributed their respective research (thank you!) to the global 2020 martech landscape that we’re working on now with crowdsourced contributions — let us know if there’s a martech solution in your stack that we’re missing.

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