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Semantic advertising to make the Long Tail manageable

Earlier this month, Dr. Riza C. Berkan, the CEO of semantic search engine Hakia, wrote a great article on iMedia Connection, Why semantics are the future of paid search. In my post on the different kinds of semantic advertising, I mentioned that “advertisers in semantic search may ultimately end up bidding on concepts and relationships rather than keywords or phrases”. Dr. Berkan makes a compelling argument for why that could be a huge boon for …

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Disruptive innovation in online advertising

Are the creative capabilities of major advertising agencies really being disrupted by online marketing? Here’s one theory. Clay Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and author of bestselling books such as The Innovator’s Dilemma and The Innovator’s Solution, has a model for disruptive innovation. As a particular type of product or service improves over time, its “performance” — i.e., how powerful it is along a certain dimension of capability that buyers care about — eventually overshoots …

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Google and WPP marketing research awards

What do you get when you cross Ph.D.’s in marketing with Ph.D.’s in computer science? Hopefully a $50,000 grant from Google and WPP. The two companies recently announced the Google and WPP Marketing Research Awards Program to fund academic research in the following topics of interest: online and offline media interaction relevance and effectiveness measurement audience types and engagement Research questions to be studied might include: How does offline media affect search and vice versa? …

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Director of Marketing Technology job at a law firm (sample)

Every so often, I do a search for phrases such as director of marketing technology to find companies that are embracing the marketing-technology hybrid model at relatively high levels in their management structure. Like the concept of a chief marketing technologist, these roles aren’t IT jobs with matrix responsibility for a few marketing systems, and they aren’t marketing positions with only superficial responsibility for sourcing related IT. These are equal weight — or much closer …

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Marketing incentives for semantic web adoption

Last week, I commented on a post about the Web 3.0 Manifesto Published on ReadWriteWeb. Richard MacManus offered three free tickets to the Defrag Conference 2008 for commenters suggesting the best “web 3.0” apps. Incentives are good (more on that shortly), but it’s an irresistible topic to me regardless of a contest. I have to admit, I was tempted to make a snarky remark such as the Semantic App Generation Algorithm: pick any noun; put …

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Enterprise marketing management and the vastness of online marketing

Enterprise marketing management (EMM) software is, to a marketer-technologist such as myself, the Holy Grail of 21st century marketing. Like enterprise resource planning (ERP) for operations, its aim is to provide a holistic, integrated view of an organization’s entire marketing universe — an overarching umbrella that enables everyone from the distributed front-line up to the CMO to manage and optimize hundreds or thousands of parallel marketing initiatives across all of the firm’s channels. It’s a …

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Semantic marketing podcast with Paul Miller

Paul Miller of Talis, who also authors ZDNet’s Semantic Web blog, is one of the leading evangelists for semantic web technologies out there. He’s also the person who first inspired my musings on semantic marketing by asking, in an offhanded comment to one of my first posts, how exactly would I envision marketing and the semantic web working together? That brief remark has blossomed into a major theme for this blog, with posts on semantic …

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Marketing technology in a downturn

Steve Rubel has a positive post titled The Collaboration Economy that encourages marketers to face the current economic downturn as an opportunity to become more efficient, open, and collaborative. Those drivers have the potential to usher in a new generation of marketing technology, especially geared towards optimizing the communication and coordination between agencies and in-house teams. Rubel talks about using wikis, internal blogs, and microblogs — which I agree are a great start — to …

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Social media management software

At the risk of being accused of falling off the Cluetrain, I find myself increasingly wondering how much of a need there is in the world for social media management as a discipline and social media management software as a tool? I know, social marketing (technically, social media marketing) is all about genuine, authentic, transparent, distributed conversations. And somehow the notion of explicitly managing that process — especially using software to systematize or optimize it …

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Semantic data in your web site now

In my previous post, I gave a hypothetical example of how OpenCalais — the web service offered by Thompson Reuters that automatically annotates semantic metadata for regular HTML pages — might incorporate a kind of semantic advertising. However, unless you’ve personally integrated OpenCalais into your site or blog, it might have been a bit hard to visualize what exactly that semantic metadata could be. Sounds very geeky and abstract, and might leave the marketer in …

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