June 2011

You might be a marketing technologist if…

How do you know if you’re a marketing technologist? Well, you might be a marketing technologist if… …you regularly use three or more different web browsers. …you know that third-party cookies aren’t leftover snacks from two previous social gatherings. …you have spent weeks trying to get two different web analytics packages to report the same numbers. …when someone mentions Amazon, you think of web services, not books. …you read TechCrunch more than AdAge (but you …

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Should agencies show more -aaS?

First there was SaaS — software-as-a-service. Then PaaS — platform-as-a-service. Then IaaS — infrastructure-as-a-service. These days it’s EaaS — everything-as-a-service. Development-as-a-serivce (DaaS). Testing-as-a-service (TaaS). Content-as-a-service (CaaS). Social-media-as-a-service (SMaaS). I’m not making these up. Is it AaaS — anything-as-a-service? Is the right adjective for that AaaS-inine? Which made we wonder… Should agencies simply rebrand themselves as MaaS — marketing-as-a-service? “We’re not mass marketing. We’re MaaS marketing.” (A homage to homonyms.) They’d better hurry. One of their …

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CEOs rank technological factors higher than CIOs

I recently read the report from the 2011 IBM Global CIO Study, the result of “face-to-face conversations with more than 3,000 chief information officers worldwide.” Frankly, it read a little more like an IBM sales brochure than an objective research report — kind of light on actual data. But I did find one semi-quantitative diagram to be particularly intriguing: In a study last year, IBM asked CEOs to rank the impact of external forces on …

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Google *finally* innovating with search ads

Maybe it’s the Mad Men marketer in my hybrid DNA, but I’ve always been a little underwhelmed with Google AdWords. The business model of pay-per-click (PPC) is great. The ability to scale to thousands of micro-targeted ads is great. The analytics and testing capabilities are pretty good. And, hey, major hats off to intercepting buyers at their moment of expressed “intent.” But the design canvas — trying to market to people with a maximum of …

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