You might be a marketing technologist if…

You might be a marketing technologist if...

How do you know if you’re a marketing technologist? Well, you might be a marketing technologist if…

…you regularly use three or more different web browsers.

…you know that third-party cookies aren’t leftover snacks from two previous social gatherings.

…you have spent weeks trying to get two different web analytics packages to report the same numbers.

…when someone mentions Amazon, you think of web services, not books.

…you read TechCrunch more than AdAge (but you do read both).

…you have a collection of books with illustrated animals on their covers. And one with a purple cow.

…you know that a “callback” doesn’t necessarily involve the telephone.

…the words agile, sprint, and stand-up don’t conjure up images of calisthenics.

…you have personally consumed an API (and that didn’t involve eating anything, except maybe time).

…you know at least three acronyms that end in -aaS.

…you have ever used the word “canonical.”

…at 2am you have wondered if “marketing automation” is possibly the greatest oxymoron of our time.

…you have ever meditated in the CSS Zen Garden (and know that they don’t serve tea there).

…you know that a RESTful web service isn’t relaxed or sleepy.

…you know that a “statistically significant” test is not necessarily a meaningful one.

…when you hear “the script doesn’t work,” you think of bad programming, not bad screenwriting.

…you know that Cocoa Touch is not a flavor you add to your coffee at Starbucks.

…you have ever been accused of performing the black rites of shadow IT.

…you know that having Python in your LAMP stack is not a snakes-on-a-plane emergency.

…you anticipate the demise of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) as a kind of rapture.

Are there other tell-tale signs of being a marketing technologist? Please share.


  1. HA! Great list.
    One addition I would make:
    You bring technology opportunities to your IT team.
    And one issue:
    …you have spent weeks trying to get two different web analytics packages to report the same numbers.
    A real marketing technologist knows better (and has to explain it to others!)
    — @wittlake

  2. 🙂 I made 9/10 on this one. does that make me a MT??

  3. @Tauqueer it makes you highly employable. 🙂

  4. …you are working on your new dashboard, which has nothing to do with your car.
    …you crack a joke that your department’s shared rss reader is a feedlot.

  5. You think of RDFa in the same glowing terms as your golden retriever.

  6. Great list.
    …you can convert and idea into technology.
    …you think that cloud computing ( XaaS thing ) is a revolution and you don’t need and in-house IT force
    …you think that real-time marketing is not fast enough
    …you next book title is “Social Media from Command Prompt”

  7. You regularly respond to the sales team’s complaints with “you know you can do that in …… apps”

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