Your martech community needs you: opportunities to speak at MarTech

Speak at MarTech

This is my bi-annual call for leaders, practitioners, and pioneers across the marketing technology and operations community to send in proposals to present at the MarTech conference. Our next event will be in San Jose, April 15-17, and we’re accepting speaker nominations through November 8.

The best way to truly master something is to teach it to someone else. Sharing your insights and experience in marketing technology and operations for the benefit of your peers is a wonderful contribution you can make to the martech profession. But it’s also an excellent opportunity to crystallize those lessons into reusable frameworks for your own benefit — and get recognized in the broader industry for your work.

A great MarTech speaking pitch that maximizes the chance of being accepted is:

  1. Detailed — Describe your idea thoroughly enough to show that you’ve got some real depth to the presentation you’ll deliver.
  2. Concrete — Focus on a topic that is narrow enough to give the audience a “graduate level” education on your idea in a 40-minute talk. Go beyond high-level concepts. Include specific examples.
  3. Actionable — What are the specific takeaways that you want the audience to get from your presentation that they will be able to bring back to their work the very next week?
  4. Vendor Agnostic — It can’t be a veiled sales pitch for a specific product. If you’re a practitioner (not a martech vendor), it’s helpful to describe how you used specific products, to make your presentation concrete. But the focus should be on your practices and learnings.

Topics that we love include:

  • Agile marketing & change management
  • Analytics & data science for marketing
  • Budgeting, attribution & ROI in marketing
  • Content/creative technology & operations
  • Cross-organizational martech (sales, service)
  • Customer data management & quality control
  • Emerging marketing technologies usable today
  • Innovative martech-powered campaigns & programs
  • Integrating best-of-breed marketing stacks
  • Negotiating, managing & migrating martech vendors
  • No-code apps & automation (“citizen developers”)
  • Organizing & managing marketing operations teams
  • Privacy, compliance, and security for martech
  • Talent & training / marketing enablement

But feel free to suggest something else in the “Other” category — we love learning about important martech topics that fall outside of these categories too.

Special shout-out to folks working at SaaS companies: we’re thinking about a cluster of sessions at this next event highlighting the unique marketing technology and operations dynamics in SaaS businesses. Martech practices for product-led growth, anyone?

Click here to send in your proposal. Thank you!

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