51 martech stacks shared in the 2020 Stackie Awards, beautifully illustrated examples of modern marketing toolsets

MarTech Stackies Awards 2020: 51 marketing stacks

This is the 6th year that we have run The Stackies as an awards contest that invites marketers to send in a single slide illustrating their marketing stack — the collection of martech tools they use and the way they conceptualize them together as a whole.

Although we award trophies for a few winning entries for the ideas they shared, any stack that works for the team who uses it is a winner where it really matters.

But through this contest, the martech community at large wins, by learning from the many examples their peers so generously share. A big, big thank you goes out to everyone who contributed.

In support of this initiative, the MarTech Conference is donating $100 for each stack submitted — $5,100 for all 51 entries — to the non-profit Girls Who Code.

Winners of The Stackie Awards 2020

MarTech Stackie Awards 2020: 10 Winning Marketing Stacks

We were originally going to celebrate The Stackie Awards in April, live at the planned MarTech Conference in San Jose. Alas, 2020 had different plans for in-person events. So we extended the deadline for entries to September, hoping we might be able to do an in-person celebration in Boston this month. Sadly, that hope didn’t last long either.

But to recognize that there were two deadlines this year, we decided to award 5 winners from the entries sent in by the original deadline — and then another 5 winners from the combined pool of all entries.

These were the 10 we chose (click on the links below to view their illustrated stacks):

These were particularly hard choices for us to make, as so many of the entries this year were so well done. Frankly, everyone who entered The Stackies deserves an award for contributing to the martech community. You all rock.

However, I should stress again: while we loved these illustrations for the ideas they shared and the way they presented them, any marketing stack that delivers the capabilities and results its marketing team wants is a winner on the big stage of real life. It doesn’t need a fancy slide to perform like a champ. (But, hey, the fancy slides sure are fun for an awards contest.)

You can download a PDF of all 51 stacks from The Stackie Awards 2020.

I am especially grateful to the many companies who have contributed over multiple years, especially major public companies such as Cisco and Juniper Networks and major non-tech brands such as Sargento. Giving the martech community not only a glimpse into those stacks, but how they’ve evolved over time, is incredibly valuable.

Cisco Martech Stacks 2017, 2018, 2020

Juniper Networks Martech Stacks 2018, 2019, 2020

Sargento Martech Stacks 2019, 2020

We’ve awarded them trophies before, and the only reason we didn’t this year was to “spread the love” among more contributors. But in my book, all multi-year contributors to The Stackies get the special chiefmartec.com VIP Contributor Award: a lifetime invitation to toast a beverage together, my treat, whenever we return to in-person gatherings in the future. Salud!

If you find these examples useful, my ask of you in return would be to consider entering in The Stackie Awards 2021 and contributing a visualization of your martech stack.

P.S. Want to check out all the stacks entered in previous years? Here they are:

…and a closer look at 7 of our favorite entries from the spring of this year.

In total over the past 6 years, $27,876 has been donated to non-profit causes on behalf of contributors to The Stackies.

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